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Here there be dragons!
Kaylithin's Pern World Page

        Welcome to Kaylithin's web page! Later on I plan to have some non-Pern related pictures
         and stuff as well, but this is it for now. For those of you who are new to all this,
         you probably have some questions. What is Pern? Pern is a world from Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern
         series and her Harper Hall trilogy. I would highly recommend reading them,
         beginning with Dragonflight or Dragonsong. It's too much to explain in one web page. ;)

What is Pern World MUSH?

        Pern World Mush is basicly a role playing game over Telnet based on the book series.
         It takes place long after AIVAS was discovered, so there is no threat of Thread. The dragonriders
         go into Crafts, Weyrs, Weyrholds, or even Holds. But it's not just centered around dragonriders.
         Far from it! You can join a diverse bunch of Crafts or Holds, some of which are brand new, like the
         Techcraft and such. Personally, I'm at Half Circle Seahold, Western Weyr, and the Beastcraft. Isn't between a
        wonderful thing?

Who are you?

        Me? I'm Kaylithin, or Kay, rider of blue Narith, Journeywoman Beastcrafter, Wingleader of the Ocean Wind
         Wing, Assistant Weyrlingmaster, and artist. My parents were miners around Ista. I followed most of my
         land hungry siblings by going to Southern but in hopes of joining the Dolphincraft rather than
         obtaining land. Instead, I was Searched and Impressed blue Narith at Ierne Weyrhold (this is a bit
         inaccurate, Ierne doesn't have Hatchings). Later I was transfered to Western Weyr.

        In real life, I am a senior in High School (thank God, I'll be glad when I get out) I enjoy
         Phantom of the Opera, Red Dwarf, Thundercats, Mercedes Lackey books, good anime
         (Lodos Wars, RG Veda, Slayers, etc.), Redwall, Discworld, art, animals, Monty Python, dragons, fantasy,
         and many other things. I am involved in SCA, OM, and I role play a lot...mostly
         Shadowrun or GURPS, though I would like to play Changling sometime.

                 NEW!Sculpture Gallery- Includes dragons, Heralds, and more! NOT PERNESE (yet).


        Well, there's some pictures I've done to give you an idea of things. Some of them are
         rather old, so bare with me. There are much better ones if you happen to chance
        on one of the older ones.

  •         Here's one of my brown firelizard Pherik

  •         For those of you who DO play Pern World you probably know about the Kaybeastie
             (Not Pernese, but the type of thing you come up with other communication channels). ;} Well, I made an
            image of her (Faranth forbid!). Not very good, but it gives you an idea as to my sanity...what's left of it. So click

  •          Celtic and Pernese dragon knotwork.

  •          Here's a dragon necklace I've made.

  •          Narith and Western's badge done in beadwork.

  •         New photos from Spain!

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            put something (please!) in my guestbook.

            Note! Most of the images and such were done by me. However, some were from outside sources. I try to
             avoide copyright infringment, but it's possible something could have slipped through. Please! If this is
             the case, let me know and I'll try to fix it. I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way.